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  • fix process visibility issues in do_each_task_pid and do_each_pid_task
  • make find_proc_by_pid_type check the xid
  • return correct link counts for /proc/virt{ual,net}
  • fix do_set_sched to not set the new values on every CPU if force is used, and to flush any pending updates
23 Feb 2007
  • remove some debugging output from the reaper selection
15 Feb 2007


  • let guests access dm and loop devices created on the host
  • cleanup FIXMEs
  • clarify that CONFIG_VSERVER_LEGACY_VERSION is problematic for alpha utils
  • add network flags and caps to proc
  • fix problems with UDP socket binding
  • use the next thread if the parent thread is dead for the reaper, and only the vx_child_reaper if the child is the new parent
14 Feb 2007
  • use the pid namespace reaper stuff instead of init_task
08 Feb 2007


  • fix oops on COW link breaking
  • don't make HARDCPU or COWBL depend on EXPERIMENTAL
  • make LEGACY{,NET} depend on EXPERIMENTAL
  • make legacy guests enterable again
  • get the nsproxy even if we're just returning the new one
  • get the fs_struct even if we're just returning the old one
07 Feb 2007
  • rebase on 2.6.20
06 Feb 2007
  • make VSERVER select SYSVIPC
06 Feb 2007
  • fix a warning on 64-bit arches
  • use long atomics for the socket accounting, to avoid wrap-arounds causing giant numbers on 64-bit arches
02 Feb 2007
  • fix a proc bug leading to oops in do_task_stat
  • add global use counts for namespace proxies, mount, IPC and UTS spaces, plus filesystem structures
  • add a backport of Serge E. Hallyn's initial fix to the NFS-causing-Oops-on-task-exit problem
  • don't automatically unshare the UTS and IPC spaces if a mount namespace is requested on clone
  • don't unhash the context if creating it fails
  • VLIMIT_MAPPED is accounted
  • add support for msecs and reporting idle time in vc_get_sched
  • use SEND_SIG_PRIV for all vx_info_kills, making vkill work as expected again
  • rewrite vx_{enter,set}_space
31 Jan 2007
  • "fix" ecryptfs
  • use nx_check for all network related checks
  • special-case migrate to nid 1
  • install inode.h during headers_install
18 Jan 2007
  • compress ext[234]/jfs/ocfs2_sync_flags logic
  • fixup limits before returning them in vc_rlimit_stat
  • add vc_set_sched_v5 which has the interval2 and fill_rate2 values in the struct
  • add vc_get_sched to retrieve the scheduler configuration
  • add vc_sched_info to retrieve the user/sys/hold values, as well as the vavavoom and usecs per token
  • make the priority bias and vavavoom per-CPU
  • add VXSM_MSEC, allowing set_sched's intervals to be specified in msecs instead of tokens
  • move the VCI_VERSION defines to vci_config.h
  • use nx_check for TIME_WAIT sockets
11 Jan 2007
  • fix older versions of vc_enter_space
  • rework the help texts for some of the options
  • disable legacy by default
21 Dec 2006
  • fix on hold processes appearing as dead
  • attempt to fix a proc bug by checking if the process is alive
13 Dec 2006
  • fix a proc bug which would lead to empty /proc/virtual/<xid>/* files
10 Dec 2006
  • fix xfs quota_ctl check
  • add a space mask to the vxi
  • change the vserver proc code to use different functions for the per-context entries and the global entries
  • fix vx_{enter,set}_space to not potentially leak an fs_struct
  • make vx_set_space sanity check the provided mask
09 Dec 2006
  • rename namespace.c to space.c
  • only set the UTS and IPC spaces in the compat branch of vc_ctx_create
  • remove unneeded vs_base.h include from net/ipv6/addrconf.c
07 Dec 2006
  • forked from 2.6.19-vs2.1.x-t6
  • removed quota hashes
06 Dec 2006
  • rework the vserver includes to let vx_check use in_{interrupt,irq,softirq}
  • remove the unneeded __{enter,leave}_vx_admin
  • fix the RSS limit to include anonymous pages too
  • mapped files are now in VLIMIT_MAPPED
  • add a vx_badness, increasing the odds of an OOM kill for guests above their soft RSS limit
  • start using nx_check where appropriate
04 Dec 2006
  • have __create claim the vxi
  • restructure/simplify vc_{ctx,net}_create
23 Nov 2006
  • improve the __{enter,leave}_vx_admin usage
  • let the spectator cross the barrier too
  • xid 2 is a static xid
  • take the hash spinlock in __unhash_[vn]x_info
  • LOCK was supposed to be PRIVATE
  • improved the supported rlimit code
  • add the xid to OOM messages
21 Nov 2006
  • removed all legacy code
09 Nov 2006
  • forked from 2.1.1
  • quota hashes removed
06 Nov 2006
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