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  • guests with no IPv4 addresses shouldn't be able to connect
23 Sep 2007
  • remove more sendfile-to-files hunks
  • fix /proc/<pid>/ninfo's IPv6 address display
  • add a VXC_KTHREAD to allow a guest to create kernel threads
  • copy the uid and gid on COW link breaking
23 Sep 2007
  • fix splice
  • export ip_v4_find_src
  • use the creating process's nsproxy as a default
19 Sep 2007
  • use splice for COW
  • alter the internal structures to allow for a mask for ranges too
  • check the assigned IP addresses networks to find the most appropriate route
18 Sep 2007
  • make mount -o tag (as long as CONFIG_PROPAGATE=n) work again
11 Sep 2007
  • fix an oops on mount -o tag
07 Sep 2007
  • untag loop devices when they're cleared, making them available for any guest or the host
  • COW for JFFS2
  • add a mount option called notagcheck that disables the tag checking for that mount
  • fix COW for the case where the original file can't be looked up
  • make /proc/1 accessible in guests with an init
  • add a tag used for filesystem access
  • add a per-guest OOM-badness bias
  • some header cleanup
  • make IPv4 and IPv6 more similar
  • fix loopback virtualization in some places
  • fix ipv6_rcv_saddr_equal to avoid an oops, to allow multiple guests binding to ::, and to handle mapped IPv4 addresses
  • fix an oops in tcp_v6_connect
05 Sep 2007
  • use network capabilities, initially only for RAW_ICMP
  • initialize the bcast and lback addresses to some sane values
  • add support for the RANGE and MASK types for IPv4
  • add support for the MASK type for IPv6
  • limit IPv6 sockets to the addresses assigned to the context
  • fix a reference counting bug in inet6_dump_ifinfo
  • allow the creation of IPv6 sockets
12 Aug 2007
  • - legacy + new networking code + JFFS2 support
05 Aug 2007
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