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The following table lists the Linux-VServer core developers. See Hall of Fame for supporters and sponsors.

Full Name Areas of responsibility Contact
Herbert Pötzl
Herbert Pötzl
  • project leader
  • kernel developer
Enrico Scholz
  • creator & maintainer of util-vserver
  • having an eye on all the security aspects.
Björn Steinbrink
  • ngnet kernel development
  • architectural design, code cleanup, bug hunting
  • helping with the kernel cross compiling
  • default configs
Herbert Pötzl
Benedikt Böhm
  • alternative userspace implementation
  • driving non-legacy development
  • excellent gentoo support
  • pastebin, archives, wiki
Daniel Hokka Zakrisson
  • improving util-vserver and patching fs tools
  • working on the vserver kernel, testing
  • constantly providing useful information and
  • helping folks out on the irc channel
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