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Herbert Pötzl
  • VServer project leader
  • Kernel Hacker
Enrico Scholz
  • Creator of util-vserver the 'new' vserver tools
  • having an eye on all the security aspects.
  • maintaining util-vserver and keeping it up with the actual kernel developments.
Björn Steinbrink
  • ngnet kernel development
  • architectural design, code cleanup, bug hunting
  • helping with the kernel cross compiling
  • default configs
Benedikt Böhm
  • alternative userspace implementation
  • driving non-legacy development
  • excellent gentoo support
Daniel Hokka Zakrisson
  • improving util-vserver and patching fs tools
  • working on the vserver kernel, testing
  • constantly providing useful information and
  • helping folks out on the irc channel

Distribution Maintainers

Micah Anderson Debian patches & packages
Daniel Hokka Zakkrisson Fedora patches & packages
Benedikt Böhm Gentoo patches & ebuilds
Herbert Pötzl Mandrake patches & packages

Sponsors & Donations

Rose Web Services L.L.C. Founded in April 2001, located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, RoseHosting provides all kinds of hosting solutions, especially Virtual Dedicated Servers, based on Linux-VServer Technology.

The first company in the world to offer commercial virtual server hosting, as early as Sept. 2001.

  • providing a dual Pentium 1GHz III for development. (2003-) (1.5 GB RAM, 2x 80 GB HDDs RAID1, unlimitted traffic)
  • providing two Linux-VServers (vserver.13thfloor.at).
  • sponsoring kernel development.
  • using Linux-VServers
Amoebasoft (Bill Schaub) Amoebasoft is a small private company working on a rack mount server appliance with a clean configuration interface and integrated Linux-vserver support. We formerly developed 3rd party objects for Sun One ASP (formerly known as chilisoft). our site will be updated to reflect our new company focus soon.
  • providing a Sun Ultra 10 for development. (2004) (440 Mhz UltraSPARCIIi, 256MB RAM, 8GB HDD, unlimitted traffic)
  • reporting and testing several quota hash issues
  • using Linux-VServers
Jon Bendtsen
  • providing a dual P 200MHz MMX for development. (2003-2004) complete with remote serial console and reset (using ssh key limited commands)
  • using Linux-VServers and hanging around
Matt Ayres (TekTonic Network Solutions)
  • testing many development versions for stability
  • enhancing and or requesting useful features
  • sponsoring kernel development
Fabio Corneti
  • using Linux-Vservers
  • donating money
Joris Bontje
  • helping with vserver debugging (quota)
  • donating money
John Scott
  • using Linux-Vservers
  • testing on x86-64
  • donating money
Cathy Sarisky (Acorn Hosting)
  • using Linux-Vservers
  • donating money
Tomer Horn
  • using Linux-Vservers
  • donating money
OpenHosting (Gregory Trubetskoy)

OpenHosting, Inc. is an innovative hosting company based in Vienna, VA, USA, and providing more affordable, scalable, manageable and secure hosting solutions by taking advantage of the latest technologies such as virtualization, load-balancing and clustering. OpenHosting's solutions are based around OpenVPS, an open source product in turn based on Linux VServer.

  • using Linux-Vservers
  • sponsoring kernel development
Lycos, France
  • providing a quad Pentium III Xeon for SMP testing. (2004-2005) complete with remote serial console and reset.
  • testing and debugging 2.6/1.9.x versions
  • sponsoring kernel development
Mosaix Communications, Inc. (Christian Hergert)

Mosaix Communications, Inc. Founded in Dec 2002, Seattle, WA, USA providing Enhanced Private Network solutions which can significantly lower your ongoing IT costs, enhance security, connect your distributed enterprise, and provide unprecedented visibility and control of your network environment.

  • Developing their next-generation network services based on Linux-VServer.
  • donating money for ngnet development
Mark 'Schani' Probst
  • providing an Alpha PC 64 for testing. (2005-)
Marc E. Fiuczynski
  • providing an HT P4 for development (2005)
  • including remote console (IBM)
Krzysztof Wilczynski
  • donating a replacement harddisk
  • providing virtual coffee to the developers :]
Guenther Fuchs
  • providing the linux-vserver.at domain
  • constantly updating the wiki
Jan Prunk
  • using Linux-VServer
  • donating money

Honorable Mentions

Nathan Faber ()
  • doing a lot of detailed SMP vserver debugging
  • compiling and testing hundreds of vserver kernels
Jonathan Sambrook, DesignerServers
  • hunting down at least one vserver SMP race (uts_sem).
  • releasing kernel patches used at [DesignerServers]
  • coding up perl wrappers for vserver syscall.
  • heavy testing of Linux-VServer.
Oliver Seufer
  • local loopback changes in development series.
Alec Thomas
  • testing Linux-VServer on Sparc64.
Jan Zuchhold
  • hunting down a bug in tcp_addr_conflict().
Joris Bontje
  • helping to debug the hard to reproduce
  • 'quotaoff hangs machine' issues.
Markus Müller
  • reporting the chmod() security issue which
  • allowed to escape the chroot()
Ryan Hofschneider
  • proof reading linux-vserver papers
  • beta testing experimental patches
Veit Wahlich
  • security auditing linux-vserver
  • reporting yet another proc issue
Olivier Poitrey
  • debugging several nfs related xid issues
  • reporting and debugging a lot of other issues
  • performance testing and feedback
James Boddington
  • debugging und testing the alpha port (vs2.0)
  • kernel and tools (including dietlibc)
  • testing filesystem xid tagging and attributes
  • testing COW link breaking
  • testing vroot devices
Jan Rekorajski
  • testing xid tagging, barrier and iunlink on
  • all currently supported fs (ext2/3,xfs,reiserfs)
Kai Neubecker
  • spotting and reporting the first vs2.0 bug (missing setup of monolithic vroot device)
Chuck Gorish, SBBSNet, Inc
  • helping to track down a nasty issue with vs2.x
  • testing devel kernels
Serge Hallyn, IBM LTC.
  • helping with the 2.6.14 port and iattr cleanup
Grzegorz Nosek
  • tracking down a tricky vs2.x procfs issue
Martin Koniczek
  • isolating a nasty issue with the page fault array
Rich Estill
  • building the Fedora Core 4 kernels and util-vserver packages on x86_64
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