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Below is a list of pages which are already migrated to the new wiki.

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Old page name Current URL
ArchVserver Installation on ArchLinux
Caps+and+Flags Capabilities and Flags
ChangeLog26 ChangeLog
Changelog26-Devel ChangeLog
ChangeLog ChangeLog
ChangeLogDevel26 ChangeLog
ChangeLogDevelExperimental ChangeLog
ChangeLogExperimental ChangeLog
ChangeLogStableExperimental ChangeLog
chroot-barrier Secure chroot Barrier
Dates+and+Planning News
Documentation Documentation
Examples Do I need Linux-VServer
FrequentlyAskedQuestions Overview
GentooGuestHowto Installation on Gentoo
GentooHostHowto Installation on Gentoo
Hacker+Page Sandbox
Hall+of+Fame Hall of Fame
HistoryList Special:Recentchanges
HowtoSSHLogin SSH login
Linux VServer Howto Installation on Gentoo
Linux-VServer-Paper-00 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-01 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-02 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-03 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-04 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-05 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-06 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-07 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-08 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-09 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-10 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-11 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-12 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-13 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-14 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper-15 Paper
Linux-VServer-Paper Paper
Linux-VServer-self-definition Overview
Linux-VServer Welcome to
MediaWiki+GIT Wiki Team
Namespaces Namespaces
Namespaces-French Namespaces/fr
ProblematicPrograms Problematic Programs
ProjectOverview Overview
RecentChanges Special:Recentchanges
Related+Projects Related Projects
Release+FAQ Downloads
Resource+Limits Resource Limits
short+presentation Overview
Tools+and+patches Downloads
Tools Downloads
VirtualServer Overview
VServerConcept Overview
VServerConfiguration VServerConfiguration
VServer+Hosting VServer Hosting
Vservers+and+X Vservers and X
WikiStat Special:Allpages
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