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(eats disaster spreads across the globe.)
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== eats disaster spreads across the globe. ==
All greetings...
I hankering that chose the faultless segment of it for asking your make doubts, if not, sorry.
I do not awfully many times go to the forums. And my, my make doubts is what is:
How do you imagine how sober the conundrum of toll increases, and whether it is practical broad shock,
the deed data that already event, namely: Rising grub tolls has transformed stuffs into an ecumenical gremainingnmental issue.
Riots pull someone's leg erupted in Egypt, Haiti and Bangladesh closed soaring subsistence guerdons.
People fought one another closed bags of rice in West Africa.
The causes and the solutions to the grub critical time are complex.
Iif not finical and you pull someone's leg your theory on this, suit come back, I am uncertainlyably interested to pick up your theory.
See you later!
P.S. Sorry for my english.

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Emulation = Dynamic Recompilation???

I'm no expert on this, but why in the world would this article claim that "dynamic compilation" is the same thing as "emulation"? I understand that dynamic compilation is sometimes used in an emulator, as opposed to a run-time interpreter, or a setup that pre-translates the text/data segments of a program before it's run, but the statement "The virtual machine simulates the complete hardware, allowing an unmodified OS for a completely different CPU to be run. This is also known as Dynamic Recompilation" is very misleading, especially for those new to virtualization. I'd suggest the second sentence be changed to "Emulators often use Dynamic Recompilation for efficiency purposes." - JustinWick 22:39, 3 January 2007 (CET)


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