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Below is a list of companies using the Linux-VServer technology

Company Location Description
Lylix.net VPS Hosting USA
  • Offering virtual private servers based on 2.6 kernel and 2.0.1 Vserver patches.
  • 32-bit or 64-bit userlands available (Intel EM64T Hosts).
  • Distributions include Gentoo, Debian, Slackware, Fedora Core, CentOS, Arch Linux, OpenSUSe or anything else you can provide an image for.
  • Managed services available for maintenance and software upgrades. Asterisk PBX installations are also supported (including ztdummy).
System & Network Solutions (SNS) Romania
  • We are using vservers in most of our setups and on hundreds of servers that offer public services - such as web, mail, dns, sql.
  • We also do local evangelisation for the project (just because it kicks ass).
Sky Media Russia
Ace WebHosting
  • We provide affordable virtual private servers. We also use vservers for shared hosting.
TPG Internet Australia
  • Currently using vservers for providing Gaming services.
EXPIO Communications New Zealand
  • Specialising in Linux Virtual Server hosting solutions.
  • Running the FreeVPS platform, which is based on linux-vserver, integrated with H-Sphere control panel.
  • Providing virtual server hosting since 1998.
HostiX Italy
  • Italian hosting provider has been offering the service since the early versions of vserver.
  • Currenly using the stable version but has beta program for the new 2.6 kernels.
  • High availability vservers on request too.
Virtualinfrastructure.nl The Netherlands
  • Dutch consultancy and development company LinIT Technologies started a site about Linux vserver technology, also offering consultancy and support for Vserver.
VirtuaServer Brazil
  • Affordable virtual private servers in Brazil.
  • The first company in Brazil to introduce vserver hosting.
  • We offer our customers an exclusive control panel which allows them to monitor their servers, easily setup firewall rules and backup their data.
  • Running kernel 2.6 and hosting Debian, Fedora, Mandrake, Slackware, Conectiva and CentOS virtual servers.
Lycos France
Ikse France
  • Ikse provide Virtual Dedicated Server on Debian and Fedora Core, empty, or with a free 'hosting pack'.
  • Convert your existing "real Linux server" to Ikse Virtual Dedicated Server is also possible.
ODSOL Premium Web Hosting
ip-cracks GmbH Switzerland
  • We offer Linux-VServers in different flavours to our customers. The product range starts with the Sandbox Private for residential customers up to the Sandbox Pro for business customers with high expectations. We have a set of new products in the queue which have a strong focus for the small and medium business companies as for an example a centralised DMS. Many services are based on the Linux-vServer technology.
ACOX Corporation
  • ACOX Corporation offers low-cost virtual servers based on the linux-vserver.org project.
WINPROFI (Germany)
  • WINPROFI offers cheap virtual servers situated in Munich, Germany.
Studio 51 Internet Solutions
  • Studio 51 offers virtual servers based on the linux-vserver.org project.
Conexim web hosting Australia
  • Australian quality hosting company offering general hosting, virtual-servers and dedicated, managed hosting services.
Liquid Web Inc.
  • Liquid Web uses linux-vserver to offer CPanel based hosting services.
  • We service hundreds of clients running linux-vserver in our Datacenter located in Lansing, Michigan (USA.)
Electronicbox Communications
  • We are using Linux-VServer since 2001 and have test it under high load for mission critical services and Linux-VServer was definitively the best software.
  • We are providing secure environment with vserver to companies around the world who look for always online servers.
  • This is very important for us to have a good software who can process the high load of data we are having daily on the network.
OpenHosting, Inc.
  • Inexpensive VServer-based Virtual Servers.
  • Sponsors of the OpenVPS project.
  • Now using kernel 2.6 and vserver 1.9.x!
Digital Evolution (wargames.unix.se)
  • Digital Evolution is the largest wargaming-site on the net, content-wise.
  • We use vserver for all wargames (more than a dozen right now) and all other services as well.
  • The stability, ease of use and performance is unrivaled, migrating our servers to vserver is most definately one of the best decisions we've ever made. It happily serves all people (who, after all, try to break our security) logged in on our shellbased wargames and shells out hunderedes of thousands connections to other services each day.
Nine Internet Solutions AG Switzerland
  • Offering VServers to customers
  • 2 machines P4 2.4GHz 1GB each running vs1.00 (Jan04) stable since 1.Jul.2003
  • We use VServer as an alternative between the shared webhosting and serverhousing.
clusterhosting mit system Austria
Acorn Hosting
  • Running 6 machines (Mostly P4 2GHz) with vservers, various kernel versions. Since Jul '02.
  • Customers love vservers because they can run any software version in them, instead of getting stuck with mychoices.
Rechenzentrum TU Braunschweig Germany
  • Running two machines, mainly webserver for customers from inside the university.
  • One additional machine for a number of services i refuse to run on standalone machines because it is wasted cpu-power.
  • One machine for various tests and future developements.
W)W)ip High Quality Network Germany
  • Offering VServers to customers
  • Offering PBVSC PHP Based Interface to administrate the vservers - PBVSC is back!
  • Running since Nov. 2003 stable (Various versions, first we started with vs1.0 now we have 1.22 and kernel 2.4.24 running stable)
  • We use VServer too as an alternative between the shared webhosting and serverhousing or rent dedicated server. Customers need a flexible and stable server surroundings and vserver from this projekt is the best we seen out there. Support and community plays hand in hand, not as any commercial products out there. Any other system servers are now in his own vserver on only one big server and it works great. Lower costs on server and therefore lower IT costing. Our IT leader and IT employee in private surroundings, test and use vserver with enthusiasm ;)
  • Offering VServers to customers
  • Server: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2800+ - 1,5 GB DDR Ram
  • Linux t4a3 2.4.23-vs1.22 #12 Thu Jan 1 16:11:12 CET 2004 i686 AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2800+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux
Infoteck Internet
  • Offering VServers to customers
  • Servers: Multiple HP LH4 (4 x XEON) and LH6000 (6 x XEON) w/ 4Gb RAM per servers.
  • 1.2Tb of shared storage (RAID50)
  • Backbone: 2 x 100Mbps backbone (Dual homing/BGP)
Omnis Internet Services
  • We use it on our hosting servers, it gives extra security and managment for us.
  • It is life saver product.
Zylon Internet Services
  • We use it on our hosting servers to provide an extra layer of security for our customers.
  • We do not provide full vservers, we only provide 'standard' webhosting facilities.
  • see also http://www.isp4player.net
  • Allround ISP 4 Professionals
  • Dedicated Server, Tower Housing, 19" Housing, Webhosting, vServer, vServer Reselling, Domains
rootbash.com / Nauck IT KG Germany
  • see also http://www.vserver4free.de
  • Get dedicated Servers, vServers and many more services with a very high traffic-contingent!!
  • PlanetLab is an open, globally distributed platform for developing, deploying and accessing planetary-scale network services.
  • PlanetLab nodes support both short-term experiments and long-running network services.
  • To date, more than 200 research projects at top academic institutions have used PlanetLab to experiment with such diverse topics as distributed storage, network mapping, peer-to-peer systems, distributed hash tables, and distributed query processing. See http://www.planet-lab.org/ for more details.
Designer Servers Ltd
  • Offering effective Linux vserver-protected hosting to web professionals in the UK and beyond.
Rose Web Services L.L.C. USA
  • Founded in April 2001, located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Rose Hosting provides all kinds of hosting solutions, especially Virtual Dedicated Servers, based on Linux-VServer Technology.
Sandino.NET México
  • Offering GR Security protected vservers with Gentoo, Fedora, Red Hat or White Box.
  • Coast to Coast Datacenter replicated Linux Virtual Private Server packages that are fully mirrored providing 100% uptime.
  • Packages include fully managed service and support.
Smart Weblications GmbH Germany
  • vservers with RAID1 host systems
  • multihomed location in germany with 2x 1 Gbit uplink and 2x 100MBit backup.
  • Starting from 6.90 EUR / month for a 4 GB disk, 20 GB traffic vserver with 1 IP
  • this ISP also offers a large variety of dedicated servers and also offers server homing.
CityServers.Net - Dedicated Servers Poland
  • Offering dedicated servers and economic Fedora vServers hosting to IT professionals in the EU.
  • Packages include fully managed service and support.
VPS2GO Japan
  • Currenly using the stable version but will be upgraded to new 2.6 kernel + vs2.0 soon.
net-lab: vserver-hosting sdsl web-hosting Germany
  • Currently run our first testing host on kernel 2.6 + vs2.0 is running. Server Location: Frankfurt, near DE-CIX.
  • Commercial offer for vserver accounts soon available.
stepping stone GmbH Switzerland
  • Our wholes ISP infrastructure (Mail, Web, Directories, ...) is built upon the new 2.0 vServer series on the 2.6 Linux kernel, running Gentoo Linux.
  • As a speciality, you can run http://www.asterisk.org/ in our vServers! We supply the following vServer flavours to our customers:
    • vserver Entry: for residential customers
    • vServer Standard: business customers
    • vServer Pro: business customers with high expectations
vRoutix Argentina
  • Offering kernel 2.6 Vservers in Argentina. Compaq Xeon/Sun Ultrasparc Servers (with Raid1).
  • Very affordable prices.
  • Starter: Very low price !
  • Lite: Low end users
  • Standard: small bussiness
  • Pro: mid-size bussiness
  • Control panel to monitor your vServer performance, processes, storage, traffic, account data, etc.
  • vServers demo accounts for Free. Try out one of our vServers !!!.
  • Now with iptables support inside your vServer !!!
MPeXnetworks / MPeX.net GmbH Berlin/Germany
  • High performance virtual servers on RAID1 Hosts
  • Leistungsfähige virtuelle Server für Ihr Unternehmen.
  • MPeXnetworks is offering three vserver packets.
  • Our systems have a low customer density, resulting in more power for everyone.
  • Nagios monitoring and free e-mail notification is included.
  • All VServer offers include a 30 day money-back-guarantee.
SentienSystems(.com/.net) Austin, Texas, USA
  • High performance, quality, and secure Virtual Private Servers
  • SentienSystems(.com/.net) proudly utilizes and promotes open source software such as Linux-VServer on the secure and performance-intensive Gentoo Linux platform.
PIPNI s.r.o Czech Republic
  • Linux 2.6 Vservers on Intel Xeon platform
  • Providing free and payed vServer hosting. Freehosting has no guarantee, payed are guaranted.
  • You can select from Slackware, Gentoo or Debian hosting.
  • Freehosting specs: 333 MHz CPU, 128 MB RAM, 2 GB HDD space, 10 GB traffic.
croup.de - crossmedia solutions Germany
  • We provide individual VServer installations for our customers in Germany using Gentoo Linux.
Media72 hosting UK
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux solutions
  • We provide custom hosting solutions starting from £2.08 a year. Virus and spam protection as standard on all accounts.
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