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=== Latest News ===
=== Latest News ===

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Linux-VServer provides virtualization for GNU/Linux systems. This is accomplished by kernel level isolation. It allows to run multiple virtual units at once. Those units are sufficiently isolated to guarantee the required security, but utilize available resources efficiently, as they run on the same kernel.

This site contains information relating to the use and development of virtual servers based on Linux-VServer. This particular virtual server model is implemented through a combination of "security contexts", segmented routing, chroot, extended quotas and some other standard tools.

Note: If this isn't what you are looking for, maybe Linux Virtual Server is.


We are currently migrating from our old Wiki to MediaWiki, but not all content has been migrated yet. Take a look at the Wiki Team page for instructions how to help or look at the old wiki to find the information not migrated yet.

Linux-VServer branch

Linux kernel




Old Stable




Ancient Stable

2.2 + grsecurity

Stable + grsecurity vs2.2.0.7 vs2.3.0.34 vs2.2.0.7-grsec2.1.11 vs2.2.0.4 vs2.2.0.3-grsec2.1.10 vs2.2.0.4 vs2.3.0.12 vs2.2.0.3 vs2.3.0.12 vs2.2.0-grsec2.1.10 vs2.0.3-rc3 vs2.0.2.1 vs2.0.2.1-grsec2.1.9
2.4.36 vs1.2.12
2.4.30 vs1.2.10
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Latest News

30 Sep 2009 Stabilization work has begun leading to a new development release.
09 Oct 2008 Linux-VServer lead developer delivers a presentation at UCD Open Source Lab
23 Jan 2008 Video of a presentation at Profoss 2008
06 Nov 2007 MontanaLinux.org Interview with the Linux-VServer lead developer.
01 Apr 2007 VServer 2.2 released
06 Nov 2006 Linux-VServer Project Announces New Development Release
03 Sep 2006 Linux-VServer project Announces New Stable Release and New Website
31 May 2006 Herbert has some talks and moderation in Vienna at Linuxwochen Wien 2006. It lasts until June 2.
3 May 2006 We've got a booth at LinuxTag 2006. It lasts until May 6. Try channel #vserver-linuxtag
29 Mar 2006 The Linux-VServer project has been accepted for a booth at LinuxTag 2006. We need you there!
20 Dec 2005 VServer 2.1.0 development released
13 Dec 2005 VServer 2.01 released
15 Oct 2005 Vserver Workshop at Open Weekend
31 Jul 2005 Presentation at What The Hack (video)
7 Aug 2005 VServer 2.0 released
23 Jan 2005 VServer 1.2.10 released
1 Nov 2003 VServer 1.0 released
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