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This is a cheatsheet for util-vserver. Some of these recipes have been arrived at by users, using trial and error, so they may not always be the "official" solutions.

How to add an IP address to a guest

  1. create the address on the host:
    ifconfig eth0:10
    ip addr add dev eth0
    or even
    ip addr add dev dummy0
  2. add the adress:
    naddress --nid guestname --add --ip --bcast
    • Depending on what you use the vserver for, you may not want the broadcast thing at all; you can also use a /32 mask for the IP in this case.
  3. add the ip to the config directory to make it stick if you restart
  4. enter the guest and verify services that need to listen on the ip, restart if necessary (for me it was not).
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