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Google Summer of Code Ideas

Minimalistic Web Frontend

Userspace, php or similar

Web Frontend or Framework to do basic administrational tasks like

  • creating and destroying guests
  • starting and stopping guests
  • monitor status and resources

libvirt Integration and Testing

Userspace, scripting, testing

preliminary work exists, probably needs to be adapted to recent versions and integrated with the libvirt folks.

iptables proxy and policy daemon

Kernelside proxy, Userspace policy daemon

Linux-VServer uses IP Isolation, so things like iptables cannot be allowed inside a guest without applying some sanity checks and general host policy.

Part of this is a kernel side proxy mechanism, which will relay the netlink commands issued from e.g. iptables inside a guest to a policy daemon running on the host.

The other part is the policy daemon which has to check the requests for plausibility, and if applicable implement them in a way which doesn't harm the host or other guests (e.g. on a separate chain).

hard limits for CFS scheduler

Kernel modification (target upstream)

Linux-VServer implements a Token Bucket (TB) scheduler extension which sits ontop of the Linux scheduler able to limit the CPU resources on a per guest basis.

Recent Linux provides a Completely Fair Scheduler (CFS) which is missing a hard limit feature, which should be implemented in way that mainline ( can make use of it.

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