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No this is not about yet another anti-AIDS campaign, this is about creating things that are nice too look at and that can help explain to somebody what VServer does.

I (Milf) made one slide at Linuxtag 2006 (actually I wanted to make more, but so much to do at a tradeshow: drink Jolt cola, talk to people, grab agoogle-pen each hour ...)

So here it is: Comparison of emulation techniques (pdf) xfig-source.

What else do we need to explain in pictures or graphs?

  • the different jails that make up a VServer: chroot, chbind, chcontext
  • how these jails combine to create an impenetrable capsule
  • benchmarks that show the little overhead compared to unpatched kernel and compared to VMware et al.
  • feature-comparison between, for example, vServer versions, different virtualisation-solutions and so on (BenBen?)
  • Roadmap (BenBen?)
  • handy handout which can be printed as dinA0 or something (has anyone connections to get some cheap print-stuff?) (BenBen?)
  • that we are not a subset of anything :)
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